Love Making And Spiritual Vibrations

Love Making And Spiritual Vibrations

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Love Making And Spiritual Vibrations

Every interaction between people involves an exchange of energy, and sex involves the largest exchange possible. When we have sex with someone, we get naked with them, both literally and metaphorically. The personal boundaries that help us maintain our sense of self come down which leads to an exchange of energy. It is therefore advisable to be discerning about the people you choose to share your body with.

Reconnecting With Your Partner

Sexual interaction can be healing. When one person is at a higher vibrational level than another, the vibration of the person on the lower frequency can be raised. The experience of orgasm is the closest we have to the knowledge of the divine, and t is the closest people will ever get to true bliss. This experience in itself can help us to transcend ego and be very present. It can also help us increase our compassion and sensitivity. Sexual energy is powerful and our desire for love leads us to many of our most important life lessons.

Often, when people are dealing with a dead bedroom in their personal life there are unresolved issues in a relationship. A dead bedroom is when there is no sexual activity between a couple who share a bed. If you are trying to reconnect with your partner after a period of no intimacy, it is important that you resolve any issues. If your partner is suffering from low vibrational energies, the sexual energy that flows between you may not immediately nourish your heart and spirit. The way forward is to trust intuition and allow the reconnection with your partner to evolve after some open and honest communication.

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Dealing With A Dead Bedroom

Hearts are open in the beginning of a sexual relationship, but over time the excitement wears off and the heart chakra tends to close. This is particularly the case if your partner is not your soulmate. Love making when the heart chakra is closed tends to lead to a stale affair which will lower the vibrational forces for both of you. Get your love life back on the right track by seeking the counsel of the most gifted psychics the nation has ever known.

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