Is Crystallomancy Still Practised?

Is Crystallomancy Still Practised?

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Is Crystallomancy Still Practised?

You don’t hear much about crystal ball readings these days which leads people to wonder whether crystallomancy is still practiced? The short answer is ‘yes’ and if you have ever considered getting a crystal ball reading you ought to get one with us today.

Crystallomancy involves the use of a glass or crystal orb. Scrying, as it is sometimes called involves the psychic gazing into the orb. The vibrations from the crystal are used to connect the psychic to the spirit world so they can find the answers they seek.

The History Of Fortune Telling

Ancient Druids used polished balls of beryl which can be colourless in their purest form. In the middle-ages scrying was very popular and the balls were carried around in a sling. Early Christians practiced crystal-gazing as a way to connect to the divine; however, from the 5th century onward in a book called The City of God, St Augustine attacked scrying as being the devil’s work.

Popularised by John Dee, a mathematician who was so good at reading his crystal ball that he was appointed by Queen Elizabeth I of England to advise in court. In 1913 Chicago, a seer called Louise Lindoff used her vision of the death of five of her family members in her defense, in court, for the murder of these people.

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Getting A Crystal Ball Reading Online

In London in 2014 a crystal ball started a fire after sunlight went through the ball and set a pair of curtains on alight. Police advised against crystals being kept on sunny window sills. As you can see, crystal-gazing has played a big part in the history of fortune-telling. Crystallomancy is still practiced and getting a crystal ball reading online is easy. You don’t need to be in front of a psychic for them to work with their orbs. If this is something that has intrigued you for a while now’s the time for you take action. We have amazing crystal ball readers online who are ready to tell you the future.

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